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Nissan Pairs With NASA to Bring Autonomous Vehicles

We've long envisioned a future where cars and space-age technology meet. Well, the future is now. Nissan and NASA have teamed up and here at Massapequa Nissan we're excited about the pairing and what it means for future models in our showroom.
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Nissan Technology Makes Parking A Lot Easier

Since the dawn of automobiles, people have proclaimed their frustration with parallel parking. Now, as we've advanced as a society, and the technology is so great, automakers like Nissan can remedy the situation, and make our parking lives around Long Island and beyond, a lot better.
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Imagination is Reality with Nissan Rogue

Did you know that you can escape from forests where the trees come alive, watch out for a bear running you down, and watch a big ship handled heavy seas all in the Nissan Rogue? Well, not technically, but with an imagination, and the active safety features onboard, you certainly can.
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