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Nissan Rogue Goes in the Snow

We know there are plenty of people in the area who like to get out on a winter vacation and head to any number of mountains in the state, or other states, to go skiing and riding. To get to the mountain, you want something that has control and the ability to get you to the higher elevations, but we're betting you've never seen a vehicle that can do it quite like one unique Nissan prototype.
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Nissan Rogue Can Bring Out Competitive Side

Having a bit of a friendly competition between family is always a good thing. Whatever your thing may be, it can bring a lot of fun. Well, with a versatile crossover like the Nissan Rogue here at Massapequa Nissan, you can enjoy that competition in the car.
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Imagination is Reality with Nissan Rogue

Did you know that you can escape from forests where the trees come alive, watch out for a bear running you down, and watch a big ship handled heavy seas all in the Nissan Rogue? Well, not technically, but with an imagination, and the active safety features onboard, you certainly can.
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Nissan Takes Show on the Road with Rogue Off the Stage

Here at Massapequa Nissan, we enjoy a good journey to wherever life takes us. In the Nissan Rogue, you can go just about anywhere, and have a good time, bringing along a few friends, and some cargo, and maybe, if you're a music group, equipment for an impromptu concert.
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