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Nissan Altima Let’s You Create Some Fun

At Massapequa Nissan, all our vehicles have standout appeal and style. With this style, along with standout power, a model like the Altima can leave quite an impression. It can also let your mind wander into the land of fun and intrigue, as you use your imagination when you drive.
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Find Your Altima Weekend with Nissan Contest

What are you up to this weekend? Maybe some relaxation, or perhaps some apple picking, or a Home Depot run if you have the time. Whatever it is, wouldn't you want to be doing something awesome with your time? Nissan thinks so, that's why it has the Altima Weekend.
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Nissan Altima Says Adventure is Not for the Birds

What if a little birdy told you it was time to go someplace warm, or on a long adventure? Would you do it? That's the question Nissan poses, asking how willing you might be to take a chance, and go somewhere in a vehicle that can get you anywhere.
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