Learn About Car Buying Vs Leasing and Find the Best Option for You

At SouthShore Nissan a lot of people ask us what the difference is between buying a vehicle, or leasing one. Well, it boils down to a timeframe, really. When you buy, you're looking to pay your vehicle off for a period of time, and once you do, you don't have a car payment. With a lease, you pay a monthly payment over a set time, and have the option to return it, get a new one, or buy it after.

You might be wondering what else you get when you buy or lease a Nissan, and we're here to give you the advantages to both.

Buying a Nissan

  • When you buy, you pay monthly payments until it is paid off, and the vehicle is yours, without a car payment
  • You can drive as many miles as you want, travel with the family, pets, many get a dent or two, drive on rough roads without worrying about additional wear-and-use charges (though you should still get regular Nissan service!)
  • You can carry lower insurance limits than you might be able to with a lease (depends on your insurer)
  • You're able to sell, trade, or transfer the title whenever you want

Leasing a Nissan

  • With a lease you pay the monthly payment, insurance, a security deposit, and other charges when you start, then continue with the monthly payment over the course of the lease
  • You can get a bigger, better-equipped vehicle than you would purchasing at the same amount for a monthly payment
  • You pay only a portion of the vehicle's life, which means lower monthly payments
  • You get lots of options at the end of the lease; you can buy it, lease another one, or explore other options
  • You do have wear-and-use guidelines and mileage restrictions, so you do have to be mindful of that

If you'd like to see our new Nissan lineup and learn about lease options, feel free to stop in and see us in our Amityville, NY showroom today. We'd be happy to answer any questions, and arrange test drives.

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