Lease a Nissan in Seaford from Massapequa Nissan

At Massapequa Nissan, when you lease a vehicle from us, and the length of the lease is about to be up, you want to know your options. It's why we want to make sure all our drivers in Long Island are aware about lease returns and buying vs. leasing.

Lease Return Options

Buy a New Nissan: If you're opting for a new Nissan, after your lease is up, whether it is the latest model year, or a new type of vehicle, make sure you check out all our new options here in our showroom online, or in person, along with our latest lease specials and offers. After that, schedule a pre-inspection of your current ride. It's there where we'll take a look at it and make sure everything is up to par with our wear and use guidelines from Nissan. If there are repairs, you should make them. Many could be covered on your warranty.

Once that is all done, bring the vehicle in, and we'll give you a final statement. Make sure all balances are paid, then you can start a new lease!

Buy Your Lease: If you want to buy your leased Nissan, you pay on its residual value, and don't need to worry about wear and use, or extra mileage. However, you should determine your lease payoff. We have those if you need them. Estimate your monthly payments, and check out finance specials from us, too. From there, contact our lease-end specialists, and they'll discuss your purchase options.

Return Your Lease: The final option would be to turn in your Nissan on a lease, too. If you do that, we'll go over your lease agreement, and like trading it in for a new one, we'll review your wear and mileage, make sure repairs are made, then bring in the vehicle, keys, owner's manual, etc. and have your lease statements paid off.

Complete the form below to schedule an inspection of your current lease before you turn it in. A sales representative will contact you soon.

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