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Nissan Envisions Electric GT-R in the Future

Here at Massapequa Nissan, we know that when you say the words Godzilla to a Nissan fan, that only means one thing: the Nissan GT-R. This powerful sports car is an icon, and for many years it has impressed and thrilled. In addition, people have always talked about what the future holds for the vehicle, as it takes the next step, and perhaps that could even be an electric car.

In a recent interview with Top Gear, Nissan European EV Director Gareth Dunsmore says he thinks a fully electric Nissan GT-R could happen one day. While he did note that it is not on the agenda right now that he and Nissan would love to do it. It's not the first time the GT-R has been subject to that speculation, and now the technology is there to really make an electric vehicle that can provide the performance that we expect out of the GT-R. But, Nissan isn't going to just settle, the electric version will have to be a game-changing world beater.

Until then, we can wait, but we can also experience the Nissan GT-R here in our Seaford, NYshowroom serving Queens, and discuss any and all new Nissan vehicles with you and set up test drives today.


Nissan Envisions Electric GT-R in the Future - South Shore Nissan Spanish

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