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Nissan Altima Says Adventure is Not for the Birds

What if a little birdy told you it was time to go someplace warm, or on a long adventure? Would you do it? That's the question Nissan poses, asking how willing you might be to take a chance, and go somewhere in a vehicle that can get you anywhere.

In the Altima vehicle above, the couple figures out that the bird in their cold weather environment missed its migration pattern. So, they set out to reunite it with the flock, zig-zagging across America to find the right place, and finally do, to witness an amazing sight.

Of course, the real hero of the ad is the Altima, which is fuel efficient, comfortable, and has many tech features and navigation available to get you where you need to go.

Standout features like this are common on all our new Nissan vehicles serving Seaford, NYand Long Island. If you’d like to learn more, stop in and see us here at Massapequa Nissanand our team would be happy to help by answering any questions, and arranging test drives.


Nissan Altima Says Adventure is Not for the Birds - South Shore Nissan Spanish

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