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Nissan Creates Virtual Test Drives with 370Z

Many of us who enjoy video games, especially racing ones, love winning on the big tracks, but sometimes, it doesn't feel the same when using a game controller. We'd like to think we can do it in the real thing. So, Nissan combined the best of both worlds, and had some willing participants try it out.

Of course, these test drivers didn't know that the 370Z would get hooked up to a PlayStation4 and that they'd get to "race" behind the wheel of a new sports car; they simply thought they were going for a casual drive. Instead, they rolled up to a giant screen, had some competition pull up beside them, got a pit crew, and everything. Then, when they won, they got to celebrate at a podium with champagne.

While we may not have a video game racing test drive portal set up here at Massapequa Nissan,  we do have a wide selection of models you can choose from, stop stop in to our Seaford, NY showroom and we'd be happy to help you.


Nissan Creates Virtual Test Drives with 370Z - South Shore Nissan Spanish

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