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Nissan LEAF EV Boasts 100 Percent Torque

A lot of people always have questions about the Nissan LEAF EV and some of its features. One, is when the automaker boasts it has 100% torque. What does that mean? Well, thankfully, Nissan is here to explain it rather simply.

Torque, is the amount of turning power a vehicle has, which causes the vehicle to accelerate. So, when Nissan says the LEAF EV has 100% torque, it means that its electric engine focuses its energy on acceleration when it is at a stop, or in motion. That leaves you able to get to that freeway entrance like any other car would be able to, as the video shows you.

The fact that you can do that, and not have to worry about gasoline, with a long electric charge, makes the LEAF all the more appealing.

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Nissan LEAF EV Boasts 100 Percent Torque - South Shore Nissan Spanish

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