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Nissan Takes Show on the Road with Rogue Off the Stage

Here at Massapequa Nissan, we enjoy a good journey to wherever life takes us. In the Nissan Rogue, you can go just about anywhere, and have a good time, bringing along a few friends, and some cargo, and maybe, if you're a music group, equipment for an impromptu concert.

That's what the group Local Natives did in Nissan's new video campaign, Off the Stage. It takes bands in the SUV, brings them to scenic locations, and has them play a song. In this case, Local Natives is playing their song "Breakers."

It's quite cool, and hopefully there are plenty more to come, in cool locations, and with bands that have some songs we can all listen to while driving along in the new Rogue, or any other new Nissan vehicle you're interested in. We'd be happy to answer your questions here in our Massapequa, NY showroom, and can arrange test drives at your convenience.


Nissan Takes Show on the Road with Rogue Off the Stage - South Shore Nissan Spanish

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