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CVT Makes the Nissan Pathfinder Extra Efficient

There are lot of reasons to make a Nissan Pathfinder your next ride in Seaford, NY. It's got tons of space, great style, and even with all of that to consider, you're still getting great gas mileage.

"How does the Pathfinder do it?" you might ask. Well, it's easy. This bad boy makes the most use it can of the revolutionary (pun intended) Nissan Xtronic CVT. When you skip the gears and opt for this handy addition to your powertrain, you can save plenty on gas.

To learn how it works, enjoy the information-packed clip below.

Of course, if you'd like a little more efficiency, we can still help. Just check out the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid and you can green-up your act today.

To explore the available options in each model, visit Massapequa Nissan and our team can cover all of the specifics with you. Plus, we can grab the keys so that you can experience the wonders of CVT out on the road.


CVT Makes the Nissan Pathfinder Extra Efficient - South Shore Nissan Spanish

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